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  • 21 May 2024 - The truth about Baby Reindeer...

21 May 2024 - The truth about Baby Reindeer...

The place to go for conversations about the news

The place to go for conversations about the news

G’day Squizers. We’ve watched it. Given the huge numbers the show has done around the world, there’s a strong chance you’ve watched it too… 

Of course, we’re talking about the massive Netflix hit, Baby Reindeer. Made in the UK, it’s described as a dark comedy drama-thriller miniseries, but it’s the label it gave itself that has thrust the show into the news - ‘this is a true story’. 

Written by and starring Scottish comedian Richard Gadd, it’s a story of rape, stalking, shame and finding a way through. And because it’s self-billed as ‘true’ and not one of the many alternatives to that, like ‘based on a true story’, it has set off a search for the alleged perpetrators Gadd depicts in his show. 

That’s already led a woman to come forward and identify herself as the stalker character ‘Martha’ - and she pushed back against some of the key points depicted in Baby Reindeer.

Cue a debate about entertainment and the truth in the era of streaming platforms that aren’t necessarily putting much stock in compliance with broadcasting codes of conduct. It’s an issue that has made it all the way to the UK’s Parliament… 

So we’ve curated the best resources to get you across it as this week’s Club Picks: 

  1. An interview with Richard Gadd in GQ from early April outlining where he is coming from… He says the show is “pretty truthful” and “extremely emotionally truthful”.

  2. This piece in the Free Press called Baby Reindeer Is a True Story - But Whose True Story? It goes into the questions around the show’s claim of truth and highlights the uncomfortable points in the conversation.

  3. The Hollywood Reporter’s report on some comments made by Russell T Davies. He’s the guy behind the most recent Doctor Who series and he’s got a lot of experience in complying with broadcasting standards. 

You’ll notice we haven’t recommended watching the show itself. It’s a divisive one, including between us. One wishes we’d never watched it, and the other found the series one of the best things she’s seen this year. You’ll have to listen to the podcast to find out who is who… 

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